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Asheville coin shop WNC Coins has it's roots in a mail order coin business founded by Professional Numismatist Michael S. Swoveland in 1994. The company specialized in foreign and ancient coinage. As the internet age dawned in the mid 1990s, WNC Coins became a pioneer in using the internet to buy and sell coins and we were one of the early members of a then unknown auction platform called eBay. During the years that have passed we have had the pleasure of placing tens of thousands of coins and banknotes with collectors.

During the years we have developed a large national and international network of dealers and specialists. Knowing who is currently looking for which coins allows us to pay more when we are buying. This also means that we can find that special coin you are looking for.

Our Staff:

Michael S. Swoveland - President, WNC Coins, LLC

Michael became a coin collector at the age of 6 when his mother gave him an old Half Dollar.  By his early teens he had become a specialist in Ancient coins and also had a strong interest in Medieval English coinage. At the age of 16 he became a published author with a study of the coinage of the Twelve Caesars receiving popular acclaim. He has since contributed many articles on various topics from ancient to US coinage and presented educational programs on a wide range of topics at various collector gatherings.

He is an active member of various hobby organizations on a national, state and local level. He has worked in the coin industry since the mid 1990s.


W. Cory Swoveland - Business Manager, WNC Coins, LLC

Although Cory maintained a small coin collection in his younger days, his primary interest is in business management, investing and entrepreneurship. He says that one of his greatest pleasures is helping an organization operate smoothly and efficiently.

Although Cory usually prefers a behind the scenes role at WNC Coins, he can sometimes be found working in the store's showroom. 


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